Amazing Mimic Tang variant from (where else?) PNG

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Amazing Mimic Tang variant from (where else?) PNG

What’s in the water at PNG?

As first reported by, this beautiful tang was imported into Europe by EcoReef UK through EcoAquarium PNG.

Mimic Tangs earn their namesake by attempting to mimic dwarf angelfish (Centropyge sp.) when the tangs are juveniles; They are one of the most variably colored tangs in the ocean, but this PNG specimen is a standout.  Is this a hybrid or simply a freak of nature (a la Lightning Maroon Clown)?  Whatever the case, this tang is gorgeous. We can’t help but wonder what it will look like when it matures.


EcoAquarium PNG began shipping livestock earlier this year. EcoAquarium PNG tags each fish they ship out in order to verify its sustainably-collected origins.  Whoever buys this tang will know exactly where it came from (and who collected it).


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