An Amazon Aquarium at

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An Amazon Aquarium at Spheres Building Aquarium by Tenji

In 2017, Tenji completed an amazing planted aquarium exhibit for online retail giant, Seen below is the massive 18x2x2′ contoured aquarium featuring a jaw-dropping “living wall” (live plant wall).  If you missed Advanced Aquarist’s article about this exhibit, do yourself a favor and click this link.


Tenji has completed another incredible and unique aquatic exhibit for  An “expanded triangle” 600 gallon Amazonian aquarium is located adjacent to their previous masterpiece at the Spheres building at’s Seattle headquarters.

Tenji shares with Advanced Aquarist information and breathtaking photos of their new build.  All photos are credited to “Tenji Aquarium Design + Build” and Daniel Sheehan. Spheres Building Aquarium

by Tenji Aquarium Design + Build




Tenji Aquarium Design + Build was hired to design and build a unique freshwater aquarium system for’s new iconic Spheres building in downtown Seattle. This building serves as a very forward thinking employee lounge and workspace for corporate headquarters. The three domed glass and steel building houses a world- class collection of more than 40,000 live plants. In the middle of several multi-story live plant walls and full-size trees, Tenji’s 600-gallon aquarium system provides a thriving example of an Amazonian underwater habitat.

Tenji worked with designers from NBBJ, the global design firm responsible for the Spheres building, to develop the rimless “expanded triangle” tank shape that compliments the building’s architecture. As with all of their projects, Tenji’s inhouse design and engineering team created detailed CAD plans for the tank, stand and life support system. The attention to detail in the design process ensured the tank and stand are structurally sound and the life support fit neatly below the tank affording easy access to all components requiring maintenance.


The tank volume is 600-gallons and is over 102” wide and 30” tall. The filtration system, which lives below the tank vessel, was set up as a low-tech (non CO2) freshwater-planted system. An MRC custom PVC i-sump houses the bag filter array and biological filtration. A pair of high volume, low RPM pumps move water quietly through the system and a UV sterilizer prevents green water and bacterial blooms. A Neptune Systems apex controller monitors temperature, pH, flow rate, and water level in the system sump.


The aquascape, fish selection and ongoing care is the responsibility of Steve Waldron of Aquarium Zen, a fantastic dedicated freshwater retail store in Seattle. Steve has created a beautiful, one-of-a-kind fish and plant community.


Tenji Aquarium Design + Build is a full service aquarium design and build company located in Carmel, California (West Coast) and Damariscotta, Maine (East Coast) with a very diverse client list, from major public aquariums to high-end residential and other commercial institutions. Visit their Facebook page and website for more information about their services.

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