Aquarium-LED-FlashlightParticipated in our contest with Orphek for the chance to win one of their sleek, high performance blue LED Azurelite Flashlights? We know you’re anxious to find out if you’ve won. We got together with Scott from Orphek, scoured the entries, and we’re excited to announce the winners have been selected! Check out the list below to see if you’ll be one of the lucky recipients of this super cool reef toy.


  1. B James Mayer
  2. Lori Johnson
  3. Kyle Sultes
  4. Jessica Stam
  5. Jim Weindorf
  6. Jose Lopez
  7. Chris Hinsley
  8. James Evans
  9. Dustin Getta
  10. Ted Sweetman
  11. Kyle McConnie
  12. Chris Conner
  13. Bobby Hodges
  14. Curtis Ness
  15. Jill Steiner
  16. Allison Fullam
  17. Jennifer Strickland
  18. Daniel Walden
  19. Summer Hampy
  20. Tony Dallas
  21. Heather Vande Kolk
  22. Randi Horlick
  23. Michael Vinci
  24. Eric Maddox
  25. Mike Herman
  26. Walid Abdalla
  27. Jason Gouveia
  28. William Gauthier
  29. Dan Taft
  30. Robert Gibbons

Congratulations to those who won, thanks to all who participated and a big thanks to Orphek for giving our readers this great opportunity!

Blue-LED-Flahlight-Azure*Winners will be contacted via the profile under which they left their comment. See your name and don’t hear from us? Send an email over to and we’ll make sure you receive your prize

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