How cute! The Maryland Zoo of Baltimore just completed a state-of-the-art African Penguin exhibit, the nation’s largest outdoor penguin exhibit. The dozens of resident black footed penguins get to lounge around a swanky 1.5 acre enclosure. They’ll enjoy leisurely afternoons basking in the sun and taking dips in the simulated sea, modeled after the South African Coast. The exhibit is extremely interactive, you’ll be able to observe them from all angles as they eat, sleep, swim, play and all sorts of other adorable penguin activities. Penguins have been a part of the zoo’s menagerie since 1967, since then they’ve been the subject of care, breeding and research. The African Penguin population has unfortunately plummeted by 90% since the turn of the 20th century. “There are approximately 52,000 birds remaining, but threats to their habitats and survival are very real. Human interference used to pose the greatest threat. Collection of their eggs for human consumption and collection of guano used for fertilizer destroyed nesting sites which contributed to the penguins near extinction.”, explains the zoo’s website. Keep an eye on the site for updates to their Penguin blog. Hopefully I’ll get out there soon and I’ll be able to share my experiences with you all. Ugh, I just want to hug one!
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