Another Shipwreck, This One From Spain

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I’ve been sharing a few shipwreck images lately, which I hope show the distinct character of the oceans and seas that have engulfed these piles of steel and iron.  In this post I’ve got an old freighter in the relatively cool waters of Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

Triplefins are common

Compared to some tropical locations, species diversity in this region might well be lacking, but the Med shouldn’t be written off as without interest.  As you can see this wreck is very colorful, with sponges, occasional cup corals, and even the fish adding some amazing color.

It took ages to get this shot. I always like images that show a ‘this could be you’ moment.

This wreck served to create a complex mix of habitats, from high current areas where the wreck jutted out into the sea, to its holds and companionways which created cave-like environments.

In the image above you can see Anthias anthias happily thinking they are swimming close to a cave or overhang.  These are typically deep dwelling fish, so the only light here is from my flash guns.

Deck winches are always popular with sponges it seems.

These anthias are orientated a little more ‘normally’


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