Apex Fusion Now Available to the Masses

by | May 28, 2014 | Science | 1 comment

Good news Apex users, Neptune Systems announced yesterday that their Apex Fusion platform is finally out of beta testing and is ready for prime time. The Apex Fusion is a cloud based system that lets you communicate with your Apex controller from anywhere in the world. Previously, all wireless communications were handled through apps and software loaded on your personal devices. Because the apex used these various software versions, things like updates and firmware were occasionally an issue. With the apex Fusion, however, all of the software is loaded on the Neptune Systems’ servers, which means you never have to download an app or update software. It will all be up to date with the most cutting edge software available, and it won’t tax any of your systems either. The Fusion platform works on nearly every device imaginable, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Besides being a place to monitor water parameters, apex Fusion also lets you control everything connected to your AquaController. Turn off lights, turn on pumps, do whatever it is that is important to you. MORE: Apex Fusion Now Available to the Masses

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