Aqua Euro USA Wave Maker

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Wave-makers are indisputably one of the best ways to provide natural flow to your tank inhabitants, and from the looks of it they are only gaining steam in the industry. What started as an innovation by very few elite companies has turned into a free for all, and with more and more companies joining in, we can expect to see huge gains in both quality and price. One of the newest contenders on the market is the Aqua Euro USA Wave-maker, and with some innovative ideas and a rock bottom price point, these are not one to overlook. With much of the same features as an Ecotech pump and price point of just $199 for two pumps and controller, the Aqua Euro should be considered by everyone considering investing in a wave-maker. Among these pumps stand out features is the mounting system. They mount by both suction cups and brackets that hold them to the tank rim which should make them much more stable.

“A programmable controller combines with integrated powerheads to offer you a one-of-a-kind wave making experience. Adjustable flow rates, direction and position help you tailor the system to your tank’s needs. Improved circulation reduces stagnant spots and sends nutrients to your inverts. “Feed Mode” setting shuts off flow, easing feeding time. Mounts with suction cups. Connects to controller with power cord.” –That Fish Place

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