Aqua Illumination Introduces Their Most Powerful Aquarium Wavemaker Yet, The Nero 7

by | Apr 23, 2023 | Equipment | 0 comments

Now there are 3 Nero 3 Pumps to choose from thanks to the newly released Nero 7 Wavemaker from Aqua Illumination. The Nero 7 is the largest Nero wavemaker pump in the lineup and it has a maximum flow rate of 4000 GPH (15,142 lph)! Our Nero 7 has been up and running for about a month now and the pump is whisper quiet! Under tight wraps we are finally able to release the news about this exciting new Wavemaker pump. The pump is designed with larger tanks in mind but it can also be dialed down sufficiently enough to be used on 80 gallon aquariums. We currently have a Nero 7 setup on our MATSA frag tank in the Aquarium Specialty showroom and it’s made a world of difference in keeping detritus off the bottom of our shallow 6 foot x 3 foot frag tank. With bigger tanks in mind the magnet will hold tight on glass thickness of .78″ (20 mm). The pump is compact in its design at 3.38″ in diameter and the max flow rate is 4000 GPH and Aqua Illumination rates this as a suitable wavemaker pump for aquariums 500+ gallons. Like the Nero 3 and Nero 5, you will need to download the MyAI or Mobius App for web based control. Like the Nero 3 & 5, the Nero 7 utilizes an innovative propeller design which creates an adjustable broad flow that is both strong and gentle. The Nero 7 pushes water in a wide pattern that can move foods, detritus, or other free-floating particles around without blasting corals directly. Powerheads have many different uses around a reef tank, but the main goal is to produce enough flow to keep low-flow spots from forming in your tank and help elevate detritus to be picked up by your aquarium filtration system. MORE

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