Aquaforest Products Soon Available in the US

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aquaforest coral 1 - reefs

Deepwater Aquatics distribution is proud to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with the Aquaforest Company. This will be the first time these unique and quality products will be available to retailers in the US.

The product line is broken down into Probiotic Method, Salts, Supplements and Coral Food, Microelements for Coral Enhancement, Water Chemistry, Filtration Media and Aquascaping products.

aquaforest products - reefs

The Aquaforest Company was established in 1995 in Poland and began with manufactured substrates and aquatic plants fertilizers for Zoos, Aquariums and professional plant farms. A couple of years after the launch, Aquaforest started their own aquatic plant, fish and coral farms. As cultures grew, they realized that to expand further they needed their own sea salt, foods, and supplements, as no supplier could match the requirements for the high quality products needed.

At the beginning of 2011 Aquaforest started the production of AQUAFOREST ™ products for retail customers. The entire range soon gained significant attention from shops and marine aquarists worldwide. By providing high-grade chemicals, unique blends and fantastic results from every aquarist that use the products, Aquaforest has rapidly gained industry approval.

Aquaforest mission:

“To make all marine aquariums healthy and thriving, and their owners feel proud.”

After years of research and testing, Aquaforest came up with the most efficient product formulas and developed a unique Aquaforest Probiotic Method. Fish and other marine organisms are extremely sensitive to any change in their living environment. This complex process requires a balanced mix of conditions.

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The probiotic method introduces carefully-selected bacteria into the aquarium to help reduce the levels of harmful Nitrates and Phosphates to create the most optimal conditions.

All products are manufactured in the EU from carefully selected components and under strict laboratory supervision, exceeding the highest possible standards. Aquaforest constantly tests and improves the composition of the products to exceed the expectations of the customers.

Customers can contact the Aquaforest team online via the website or discussion groups online to get council, advice and answers to even the trickiest questions regarding running reef aquariums.

Aquaforest products were used exclusively with hobbyists to win (4) Reef Central Tank of the Month awards so far.

Retail price point in the US will be very competitive and affordable. Products will start arriving in retail stores in approximately 30 days. For more information on this line, please contact Deepwater Aquatics Distribution.

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