The Hydra FiftyTwo is the latest addition to the AquaIllumination lineup, and it’s their most promising fixture to date. Although we’ve already covered the details of the FiftyTwo in our original MACNA article, we couldn’t help but mention it again worth the recent release of this fun video. Highlighting all of the key features, this promo uses plenty of bright flashing lights and techno music to get the get the point across. As for all of the new features if the Hydra FiftyTwo, we just have to rehash the details of our original article. The fixture sports the same color offerings of the original Hydra, but spreads them out over a whopping 52 LEDs. The diodes are spread across four different clusters, with 13 diodes per cluster. The light gets focused into the tank with the same 80 degree optics seen in other AI modules, and 50 degree lenses are always there as an option for those deeper aquariums MORE: AquaIllumination Shows Off Hydra FiftyTwo in Fun Promo Video

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