Aquatic Life’s affordable Reno LED lights

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Press release provided by Aquatic Life:

Aquatic Life Introduces Affordable Reno LED Fixtures

Providing superior lighting for less.

Aquatic Life now offers a variety of affordable and energy efficient Reno LED fixtures, previously only available as fish display lighting systems in stores. Applicable to fish only systems or as a complimentary lighting over coral aquariums, the new Reno LED fixtures provide nice color and sufficient lighting to showcase both fish-only marine and freshwater aquariums.

“There are a lot of LED fixtures on the market and most are sold at a high price point or offer limited size options for hobbyists,” said Michael Elliott, co-owner of Aquatic Life. “To fill that hole in the market, we created the Reno LED fixtures to offer hobbyists an affordable and efficient lighting system for their aquariums. Now, someone looking for an LED fixture for a 55-gallon tank could get one of ours at retail for under $50. You can’t beat that price.”

The Reno LED fixtures are available in 10 models and three LED configurations including blue and blue/white LEDs for marine aquariums and blue/white/red LEDs for freshwater units. Aquatic Life also offers two Reno white LED clamp lamps ideal for hobbyists with aquariums under 10 gallons. The Reno LED fixtures are available in six sizes and the adjustable width frame mounts hold the fixtures securely above an aquarium. Additionally, the six-foot power cord allows convenient lighting control with its durable on/off switch.

For more information about Aquatic Life and its premium product offerings, please visit To order the Reno LED fixtures, please call 1-888-548-3480 or email [email protected].


About Aquatic Life

Founded in 2008 by co-owners Michael Elliott and David Troop, Aquatic Life products are produced by Aquatic Life LLC, a company that creates, markets and manufactures premium branded aquarium and hydroponics equipment. Aquatic Life products are available through distributors across North America. For more information, please visit the website at or call (818) 768- 6943.

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