Aquatic Life’s HALO Marine LED Fixture

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Aquatic Life's HALO Marine LED Fixture

Basic version on the left, Deluxe version on the right.

MSRP is as follows:

  • Basic $ 299.99
  • Deluxe $ 349.99

Buyers can choose between a 80 degree or 110 degree glass lens.  An optional tank-mount bracket is also available.

The HALO Marine LED Aquarium Light Fixtures feature:

  • Ocean Blue light spectrum simulating marine environments
  • Two Channels (groups) of LED’s for optimized blend of spectrum
  • High-performance glass lens enabling desired light emission angle
  • Built-in programmable Timer and Dimmer (Deluxe version only)
  • The HALO Basic may be controlled using the HALO Deluxe, an Aquarium Controller with a 0 to 10-volt Output, or another controllable light fixture with a 0 to 10-volt Output.
  • Multiple units can be chained together (via cables) for integrated controls.  For example, you can chain mulitple basic models to a deluxe model, which serves as the master programmable unit.
  • Robust anodized aluminum Mounting Arm compatible with M4 and M5 screw
  • LED Array Structure: 25 LED (UV + Cool White + Blue + Royal Blue)
  • LED Complement – Channel 1: Full spectrum of Ocean Blue light 400-480nm. LED’s: (1) UV 400nm, (1) UV 420nm, (2) Royal Blue, (2) Blue 465nm, (5) Blue 470nm, (2) Blue 475nm, (4) Blue 480nm. Channel 2: High Kelvin White light simulating neritic zone. LED’s: (4) Blue 470nm, (4) Cool White.
  • Options for Mounting Arms: MAK-24 for tank depth of 18” ~ 24” and MAK-18 for tank depth of 14” ~ 18”
  • Power Consumption: 85 Watts at maximum intensity (DC 33V)


Click here to view more information about the HALO including many more photos and manufacturer-supplied PAR distribution plots.

      Aquatic Life supplied Advanced Aquarist with the press release below:

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