AquaTouch accepting bids for Liopropoma aberrans; Jeboehlkia gladifer sold for $10,000

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AquaTouch accepting bids for Liopropoma aberrans; Jeboehlkia gladifer sold for $10,000

Bids are still open for this L.aberrans, but don’t expect to win for anything less then $9,000.

Earlier in the month, we blogged about two ultra expensive fish up for sale through AquaTouch.  It appears the J.gladifer basslet, originally listed at $7,999.00, sold for $2,000 above asking price;  That’s right … just shy of $10,000!  The bids are still open for the L.aberrans basslet above the listed price of $8,999.00.

I confess I had serious doubts AquaTouch could sell these fishes for anywhere near their asking prices. In these economically uncertain times, it’s hard to fathom anyone spending this kind of money on “unproven” first-ever species. It turns out some hobbyists with very large bank accounts, passion for rare fish, and penchant for risk are bidding up the price of these fishes well above the asking prices.

Rare marine fishes have sold for more than this, believe it or not.  For example: Genicanthus personatus ($30K/pair), Centropyge narcosis, Centropyge nigriocella ($16K) and Centropyge boylei ($20K).  However, I believe the 1.5″ J.gladifer basslet wins hands-down for the most expensive inch-for-inch fish and is the first non-angelfish to come close to breaching the five figure mark.

We wait to see where the price for the L.aberrans ends up.

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