Art Gallery – Summer 2010

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Lindsay Leyshon is co-owner with his brother Jason and principal photographer of Jason’s Aquatics a premier marine aquarium retailer in Cornwall, England.
Coral photography starts with the coral care and as we sell most of our stock on-line, photography is a key factor for our business. That’s why coral health and photography are treated as one.

When we do a coral shoot, all the images added to our forum are comprised of two shots of each coral –one being a full colony shot and the second a macro shot giving the customer a truer representation of the coral they may be interested in.

We have a two coral systems–one dedicated to SPS corals that measures 8 ‘ x 4’ x 18″ deep and is linked to a 4’ frag tank. This system is lit by, and corals are photographed under, 2- 400w 10k Reeflux, 2 -250w reeflux 10k and 2 -250w 12k  Reeflux over the frag tank.

The LPS system main tank is 6’ x 2’ x 18″ deep and is looped to 2- 4’ x 18″ frag  tanks. Lighting over the 6’ system is 2-250w 12k Reeflux with roughly 100W of T-5’s over each of the 4 foot tanks.

My camera of choice is a canon 400D EOS with an EFS 18-55mm lens.  The macro lens is a canon ultrasonic ef 100mm 1:2.8.


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