An Asian arowana paludarium

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An Asian arowana paludarium

An unique aquarium/paludarium

While this is a cool aquascape in concept, the execution comes up a bit short in our humble opinion.  For starters, mixing arowanas with discus is a terrible idea.  In the short 44-second video alone, you can see the discus are repeatedly startled by the small arowana; just imagine how terrified they’ll be when the arowana grows up!  This would be a much more harmonious exhibit without the discus (or arowana).

The open top is also asking for trouble since arowanas are prolific jumpers.  The last thing anyone wants to see is a very expensive, endangered fish carpet-surfing.  The lowered water level in this aquascape reduces the chance of such a tragic event, but it’s still a risk especially as the fish grows.

Still, the concept is very cool, unique, and worth sharing.

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