AVAST Marine Works Unveils Solenoid Based Top Off System

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Science | 0 comments

AVAST Marine Works has a new toy on the way, and it’s one that looks to further automate aquarium maintenance, specifically topping off evaporated water. This yet to be named product (more on that below) combines AVAST’s reliable pressure sensors with a smart control heavy duty solenoid unit that detects the water level in a sump and allows an RODI unit to respond accordingly. Product X, the unit’s temporary name, uses two pressure sensors to measure the minimum and maximum water levels in the sump, obviously flipping open the solenoid when the minimum water level is reached and allowing the aquarium to fill with freshwater until the solenoid is deactivated once the water level reaches the top level sensor. In addition to maintaining water level, there is also a handy Quick Fill button that allows the unit to completely fill a tank even if it hasn’t triggered the low water level alarm. This is great for those times where extra water is anticipated. Lastly, a set of indicator LEDs are included to let users know what is going on at a glance, whether the unit is filling or sitting idle. As for the product’s name, AVAST is holding a little naming contest over on Reef2Reef that offers up one of these units as a grand prize for the winning name. Forum users just have to log on and suggest a name for the AVAST solenoid unit, with the naming scheme falling under a pirate theme. As for pricing and availability, AVAST lists the item as being in stock and running $200. MORE: AVAST Marine Works Unveils Solenoid Based Top Off System

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