Bali Home to Undocumented Fish and Coral

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Parapercis - a freshly discovered species

File this under “We-don’t-know-sh_t-about-our-planet”.  A recent expedition by Conservation International in Bali found what appears to be 12 new species of fish and one new species of coral.  Included in the list are new additions in the genus Siphamia, Heteroconger, Apogon, Parapercis, Meiacanthus, Manonichthys, Grallenia and Pseudochromis.  That’s a pretty broad range of physical forms, lending a great deal of support to the notion that there are still many pockets of isolated animals in the world that no one has ever seen before.  And thus, the list of fish that we want to have captive bred for us grows ever longer.  LINK

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