Banggai Rescue book soon to debut

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Banggai Rescue book soon to debut

Banggai Cardinalfish Book to Debut Soon

Back in September, I blogged about the delay in publication of the Banggai Rescue book and that Reef to Rainforest did not have an expected publication date. Today, Reef to Rainforest just updated their Kickstarter campaign stating the book will be published soon, but no formal publication date is mentioned.

According to Ret Talbot’s update, “As you know, we had originally planned on having the book signed, sealed and delivered last September, a timeline that, with hindsight, seems absurd. … From lengthy delays in getting the science done right to dealing with our own losses of broodstock secondary to the very virus about which we were writing, everything seemed to take twice as long as expected. Having said that, what we have learned has reinforced the importance of embarking on the Project in the first place. We have made the internal decision to take the time to do it right, and while we know the delay is frustrating, we think the final product (which is now over 300 pages–about 35% more than projected!) will more than justify our decision.”

According to the update, the bulk of the work is shifted to production and press running now, so I would anticipate the end is in sight.  Horray!

Head over to the Kickstarter post for the complete update.


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