Scott Bennett’s 250-Gallon Reef

During one of my recent speaking engagement with NCPARS (North Central Pennsylvania Aquarium Reef Society) Sanjay took me to visit Scott Bennett.  Scott is a talented local reefer that resides within close proximity to Sanjay.  He is a professor at Penn State University, just like Sanjay!

Scott owns a beautiful 250-gallon reef aquarium with all its filtration devices located downstairs in the basement.  This tank is illuminated with two 400-watt Ushio 14,000K bulbs and two LED moonlights.

This aquarium relies on a vortech pump, two closed-loop systems, and two Sea Swirls for much of its flow.

Live rock built up on fiberglass rods give the aquascaping to this aquarium an open and spacious look.  Enjoyed by both fish and corals.  Oh, lets not forget the many visitors Scott’s aquarium attracts.







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