Biota Announces Captive Bred Potters Angelfish

by | May 10, 2023 | Breeding | 1 comment

We are pleased to announce that captive bred Potter’s Angelfish are available now from the Biota Group. Not only is this exciting for the hobby it just further proves to me and others in the hobby that together we can impact our environment in positive ways though research and conservation. The initial stock will only be available through local fish stores so expect the pricing to vary from store to store.

The information below was just announced by the Biota Group.

The combined team of The Biota Group and Hawaii Pacific University – Oceanic Institute is proud to announce the commercial availability of captive bred Hawaiian Potter’s Angelfish. Potter’s Angelfish have not been readily available in the pet trade for many years, until now. Thanks to the team’s efforts, this popular and long-awaited dwarf angelfish has been reintroduced to the aquarium trade. MORE

Visit the Biota Website to learn more about the Biota Group, their business and conservation efforts

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