Biota Aquariums: the World’s Easiest Saltwater Aquarium

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biota-aquarium-tank-reefsBiota Aquariums is bringing something truly unique and wonderful to the US market: an all-in-one saltwater aquarium, with all equipment included, designed to ensure success for even the most inexperienced beginner.  Its goal is to “help reconnect people with nature through marine life education, inspiring them to look after our planet.”

The company has already reached twice their funding goal on  indegogo, and will begin shipping in just a few short weeks!

This project is part of biologist Kevin Gaines’ lifelong passion – to get beautiful, sustainable coral aquariums into the hands of new hobbyists. Marketed as “The ‘smarter’ tank for everyone that’s designed by experts, eliminating the expertise required with standard DIY aquariums.  With all equipment built-in and designed by Marine Experts to take away the guesswork, it gives novice aquarists the confidence to own a carefully-designed ecosystem that includes sustainably bred fish and corals.” The system is shipped in three parts – the equipment (the 13.5 gallon tank itself, as well as every single thing you need – from the 16 w 14,000K LED light to the salt), then the fully cultured live rock, and finally, the sustainably-bred fish and coral.

Biota also maintains a marine life nursery in Airai, Palau, where they sustainably culture fish and invertebrates for ornamental and food purposes, and the company vows to release a fish into the protected waters of Palau for every fish purchased.

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