Biotek Marine IntelliDose System Designed for Ecotech Marine’s Versa Dosing Pumps

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Innovative and exciting products are nothing new from Biotek Marine but did you know that we are now designing and manufacturing in-house? Last year, Biotek Marine purchased ten 3D printers and they are working for us around the clock. One of the unique products we designed is called the IntelliDose that made to use with the popular Ecotech Marine Versa dosing pumps. We designed the system to be modular so that you can daisy chain up to 4 dosing pumps together with the 2.5 Amp model. And if that is not enough for your needs, then we also offer a 5 amp model that can power up to 8 Ecotech Marine Versa dosing pumps.

The Ecotech Versa Dosing Pump VX-1 is one the most popular and highly rated dosing pump products in the market today. The Versa pump is equipped with a peristaltic motor so it is designed for continuous use or for precise incremental dosing, making it a great choice for any aquarium setup. Many of the more cheaply designed dosing pumps use stepper motors and they have significant disadvantages vs. peristaltic models. For one, stepper motors are usually noisier when they are running. Second, they require much more frequent servicing and part replacement, making them more expensive to operate over time. Also, peristaltic pumps can dose more precisely than stepper motors and this is why we prefer the Versa dosing pumps over other any of the stepper motor offerings.

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