Blackbar Soldierfish in a Sunken Ship

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Fish, Reef, Science | 0 comments

Hi folks, today I have a beautiful school of Blackbar Soldierfish that I found hiding inside the sunken tugboat at Caracasbaai, this is what I call safety in numbers! The Blackbar Soldierfish (Myripristis jacobus) can be found in  marine environments within a subtropical climate.

The Myripitis jacobus is recorded to be found in the Western Atlantic, Bahamas, Northern Gulf of Mexico, West Indies, the Caribbean Sea, Cape Verde, Principe, Ascension, and St. Helena islands. The biology of this species states that they can be found in coral reefs within deep waters. They are a nocturnal species and mainly eat plankton. This species is occasionally marketed, but it is not popularly bought as a fish to eat.


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