Blast Of Color

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pb macro
Some corals, like the Acropora desalwii above, really add a blast of color to a reef aquarium.  This image was taken from the top of the coral, and shows the parts of the specimen that are exposed to the brightest light.  The contrasting colors and striking pigments are most visible from this angle, and the lower branches and the shaded areas are typically less colorful.   Its common name is Pearlberry because of its pearlescent and berry colored pigments, and it was grown from a seed fragment over several years.  This is one of the most colorful staghorn corals found in the hobby and can grow rapidly in captivity.  When ORA aqua farms first released it (several years ago) it was common and readily available, but high demand for this specimen has made it harder to find, though many smaller propagator and micro growers have seed fragments available. This coral seems to prefer bright light and has the brightest pigments in a lower nutrient aquarium; high phosphate tends to rob the beautiful colors from it but the Pearlberry is hardy and will grow in a wide range of aquarium bio types.  Keep Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium in range to help keep the colors at their best.  Adding a Pearlberry to the aquarium will certainly add an exciting blast of color!


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