Blogger Week at Reef Threads

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Blogger Week at Reef Threads

Reef Threads is a podcast and blog that discusses the most interesting subjects from the various forums, blogs, and magazines supporting the reef hobby.

On this particular podcast, we all weighed in about our blogs and discussed what it is like blogging about the reefkeeping hobby in general. We covered subjects such as:

  • Our approaches to content
  • How much time we spend blogging and digging through material per day
  • New things that are going on at our respective sites
  • Hobby trends – new things we are seeing and where we think the hobby is heading
  • Our thoughts on regulation and sustainability
  • Our best / funniest / strangest / coolest post that we have recently published
  • Where our hobby is heading in the next 10 years.

Head over to and give it a listen. While you’re at it, download a couple additional episodes as well. Gary and Christine really do an excellent job covering the reefkeeping hobby on a weekly basis and I highly recommend this podcast to people I talk to in the reefkeeping hobby.

This was my first official podcast and I thoroughly enjoyed my time talking with everyone and hope we can do this again sometime soon!


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