Blue-Light Scorpionfish Photo

by | Mar 26, 2016 | Corals, Fish, Reef, Science | 0 comments

I spent a good part of yesterday getting ready for a blue-light night dive we did last night at Tugboat. I hired a security guard to watch our cars and invited Stijn to help search and even though the water was cold and the visibility wasn’t so great we still had a great time. I am once again getting in a bunch of ultraviolet blue-light dives and have found some amazing things lately! Above is a giant Scorpionfish I found friday night in front of the Substation lagoon, is he beautiful or what?? We also found glowing Goatfish and lizardfish and of course tons of beautiful anemones and corals, Tugboat could be my new favorite place for blue-light diving.  MORE


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