Bob Fenner – His MACNA Presentations

by | May 7, 2020 | Reef | 0 comments

Sometimes we regret the road not chosen.  Today a large number of people in the reef world regret not spending a bit more time with Bob Fenner, a teacher who was beloved by all his students.  Bob just had a knack for drawing you into a conversation, one which could be immensely educational, rewarding, and indeed inspirational.

The scores of people mourning the news of Bob Fenner’s passing are minuscule compared to the number of people who knew OF him. If you regret not spending time with the crazy brilliant and wonderfully funny guy who seemed to know everyone at MACNA, here is a great collection of his presentations.

Bob’s MACNA 2018 presentation

Bob’s MACNA 2017 presentation

Bob’s MACNA 2016 presentation


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