7-inch & 5 1/2-inch Bone Cutter

One of the largest trends in the hobby is fragging corals. It seems as if every weekend somewhere around the country there’s a frag swap. Corals are being propagated with various types of tools. In the 90s I put a large table Acropora through a table saw and created three separate colonies (this became an article for FAMA). Today stony corals are put through band saws and are cut into pieces using special clipping tools.

Close-Up of sharp edges

If you look at a fraggers set of tools you will find many of the tools found at your neighborhoods home improvement store. Tools found on a fraggers table are a Dremel-style rotary tool, scalpel, razor blades, and wire cutters. Many of these tools are efficient at what they do but wire cutters and/or clippers can become short term tools. As they come in contact with saltwater they become rusted, lose their flexibility, and become difficult to use.

Cloe-Up of clipper Roller

During this year’s Mountain West Reef Fest I had a long conversation with Chris from Reefkoi Corals (www.reefkoi.com) about good quality fragging tools. He let me know that they sell Roller Action Stainless Bone cutters. Shortly thereafter I received a pair of these incredible Bone cutters, a small 5½-inch and a larger 7-inch cutter.

These cutters sliced through my toughest Acropora coral like butter and remain flexible after every use. They are so comfortable in the hand while in use whether using the small or the larger one. After beating them up for almost a month I would say these are the best quality Bone cutter I have ever used.


I would like to point out that all my tools are thoroughly cleaned in RO water and towel dried after every use. And, always use protective eye wear and rubber gloves when working with any type of coral.

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