Boyd Enterprises put up an incredible set of display tanks at the GPE, not to show off their products mind you, but to educate people at the expo on what is taking place in the Atlantic and Caribbean right under our noses.  First off was the impressive Coral Restoration Foundation’s display of Acropora cervicornis and palmata which the CRF is actively growing and planting off the coast of Florida.  Second was this incredibly bright tank showing a bunch of beautiful lionfish, which, much to the dismay of everyone who looked at the tank, are actually an invasive species in the Atlantic waters and are basically decimating local fish populations.  Boyd focusing attention on these two local issues really shows that product manufacturers are not always thinking about marketing and the latest product announcement.  In fact, to “shed light” on the lionfish problem, Boyd used SIX Ecotech Radions on a pivoting mount that made this tank easily the brightest and most shimmering thing to look at in the entire convention center.  Putting up these impressive tanks for 3 days is no small feat and our sincere gratitude goes out to both Kevin and Ken from the CRF as well as everyone from the Boyds team for spending money purely in the pursuit of education and awareness.  More pics following the jump.

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