In Breaking Medical Fish News: Fish Gets Glass Eye

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Fish, Science | 0 comments


glass eye

The Vancouver Aquarium has gone to amazing lengths to give eyes to one of its display animals, a older copper rockfish. This copper rockfish was recently given glass eyes, a first of its kind surgery. The fish was suffering from cataracts in its left eye, due to old age. Without the new eye, and groundbreaking surgery, the fish would have been bullied. Other fish in the tank would have viewed its missing eye as a sign of weakness. Even with the glass eye, the fish is still at a disadvantage to other fish since it does not have perfect vision. It is great to see that the aquarium has decided to do this undoubtedly costly procedure in order to keep the rockfish quality of life high and on display to the public at the aquarium. MORE


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