A couple of years ago, Royal Exclusiv released a beautiful line of double cone protein skimmers that provided a whole new type of cone shape to their Bubble King brand. Instead of the straight cone or a cylinder topped with a hideous conical transition into the neck, the double cone introduced a wine glass shape whose gentle curves not only looked great, but also provided for better movement of the bubbles through the skimmer. At the time of their introduction, the Bubble King Double Cone skimmers were aimed at the larger tank crowd, with the smallest model being rated for 500 liters (approximately 131 gallons). To address tanks under the 100 gallon mark, Royal Exclusiv has just introduced their Double Cone 150, which is rated for tanks up to 350 liters (around 92 gallons). The Bubble King Double Cone 150 sports a Mini Red Dragon 600 needlewheel pump that draws 625 lph air and 800 lph water. Those numbers are adjustable, as the volute on the pump’s intake can be rotated in or out to dial in the desired performance. The body has a footprint of roughly 7.7″ x 9.6″ (without the pump) and an overall height of 19.7″ MORE: Bubble King Debuts Double Cone 150 Protein Skimmer

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