Building a sexier betta tank: The LumaTank

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Building a sexier betta tank: The LumaTank

The LED edge-lit LumaTank betta aquarium

The following content is via LumaTank’s Kickstarter page (reprinted with permission).  Please visit their Kickstarter page if you would like to financially support this crowd-sourced venture. 

Introducing the LumaTank

The LumaTank (Patent Pending) is a unique 6″ cube LED edge-lit fish tank made from precision laser cut and engraved cast acrylic, designed and created by Divine Acrylics. The LumaTank is an acrylic tank surrounded by eye-catching light that makes your fish the center of attention. LEDs uniquely light your tank in any single color or choose the optional RGB controller and you can change colors and even control color patterns, brightness and turn the tank on and off.

Why a betta tank?

Betta fish are hardy and inexpensive to purchase and take care of. They are a hardy fish that can be found at most pet stores. They can live at room temperature without a heater, aerator, or filter. You just need to clean the tank once a week. Betta fish are popular with children who enjoy watching the fish and appreciate the LumaTank as a night light. LumaTanks are equally popular with professionals who want to add a little life — and light — in their dull cubicles or offices.



Why do we need the money?

We need to take this product to the next level and fund materials, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and sales. LED edge-lit betta fish tanks are not cheap to make, particularly in small quantities. We currently build individual tanks from minimum lots of materials, which include acrylic, LED strips, power supplies, adhesive, and silicon. Our laser cutting / engraving and hand-manufacturing process is time-consuming and expensive. We laser cut, laser engrave, and hand assemble each LumaTank right here in the good old USA. Our goal is to employ a US-based company for our first mass produced batch of LumaTanks. We are currently in the process of working with many different tank manufacturers, by outsourcing the manufacturing we can greatly reduce the price of the LumaTank but with mass production comes more cost to us.



What’s so different about these?

To begin with, most betta fish tanks have no lights at all. With our LED acrylic edge lit betta fish tanks they are surrounded by light that attracts the eye and makes your fish the center of attention. When we came up with the idea for the LumaTank we scoured the web and, in a short amount of time we realized that there’s nothing like this on the market! The best part is if we add an RGB controller then you can have your own color changing fish tank, very cool.

Where are we now?

We have been designing, cutting, engraving and building Lumatanks for the past 6 months now. We have decided on the size, design, materials, & LED’s that we want to use. Since we make everything in house (except for the LED’s) we are at a good point where we can sell these on a small scale. But that’s not our goal, we want to get these tanks on retail shelves and into your hands. We really need this funding to make this product readily available at a low price point. We could keep doing this at the level that we are currently, but we don’t want to. We really believe in the LumaTank and think that it is worthy to be created on a much grander scale then what we are currently capable of doing.



So what’s in it for you?

You can be among the first LumaTank owners. At the same time, you can help us bring a great idea to reality. Look to the right and review our list of rewards and price levels. Just figure out how much you want to contribute and the reward you would like to receive. We have worked long and hard designing and creating the LumaTank. With your help, we can take our unique betta fish tank design to the next level!

We’ve got some press…

We’ve already been featured on a few websites. Here are some excerpts from a few articles from the sites “Dude!!! I Want That” and They seem to really like the LumaTank.

“Betta fish have all the luck. They enjoy a completely acceptable sedentary lifestyle of floating and feeding, they never have to share their personal space with other fish, and now, thanks to Rob Young and Denny Curtis of Red Laser Studios, they can live in the sickest crib of all aquarium dwellers. In their new series of LumaTanks, Young and Curtis laser cut and engrave 6″ x 6″ acrylic Betta dwellings in swell geometric patterns, and then edge light them with white or neon LEDs. The resultant effect: entrancing. Especially once the furniture and the tank’s inhabitant move in.” Read More

“LumaTank LEDs uniquely light your tank in any single color. With an optional RGB controller, you can change colors and even control light patterns. Another exclusive feature is that Lumatanks are created with optional laser engraving. The LumaTanks sells with four standard engraved designs, but they can be produced with customized images. This gives the Lumatank a 100% unique look and feel.” Read More

How does Kickstarter work?

We have only 30 days to reach our goal, so PLEASE click the “Back This Project” button to support us now! Then, enter your generous donation and select the appropriate reward. (Kickstarter accepts Amazon payments.) If we get $10K within 30 days, Kickstarter will charge your credit card with the amount you selected and we will ship your rewards. If we don’t reach our goal, you will not be charged and, regrettably, we will not ship a reward to you.

Thank you!

Please help us fund this project so that anyone can enjoy our beautiful, colorful and tranquil LumaTanks!

Thank you for your support!

Risks and challenges

The risks are low considering that we already have the tools and know how to produce these. The only risks involved are finding a local or regional manufacturer with the ability to produce custom acrylic fish tanks. If we cannot find a local manufacturer then we may have to outsource it to a company overseas. This would help to keep the cost down, but our first goal is to have them made in the USA.

We currently produce the tanks through our company Divine Acrylics and we also sell them on our site (


Visit the LumaTank Kickstarter webpage for more information, to ask questions, or pledge financial support.

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