CAD Lights Conic Bio-Reactor updated with 3 way control valve

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Based on feedback from experienced reefkeepers, CAD Lights has updated their Conic Bio-Reactor with a new, simple-to-operate 3-way re-circulating valve.  The new control valve allows users to adjust the flow rate of water entering the reactor, the effluent rate, and how much internal flow speed they desire in order to control the “tumble rate” of the bio-pellets.  The inverted-cone design made a lot of sense to us, and the addition of the control valve

As CAD Lights tells Advanced Aquarist:

For the first time there is a FULLY controllable Bio-reactor unit that offers great performance and EASE of use, truly giving a hobbyist the control of their nitrate and phosphate removal in the twist of their wrists.

Why it’s good to have control:
1) No longer will the hobbyist get confused on ambiguously controlling portions for pellets/gallons/livestock. You can now put in as much pellets as you like and just set it at the speed you want the water to come out of the reactor and to recirculate within itself.

2) It helps avoid many of the common mistakes of overdosing, underflowing, overflowing etc.

3) Just monitor your parameters and adjust the speed of reaction you desire based on the flow control you allow it, giving you practically full control of how much nitrate and phosphate removal you desire at the speed you desire.

4) Extremely EASY to control flow in 3 directions.

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