In early 2013, CAD Lights set out to improve the performance and ease-of-use of their pipeless nano skimmers.  They will launch their new PLS-50 Elite on July 21, 2014 for the same price as the current generation PLS-50 ($134.99 USD). The Elite is now rated by the manufacturer for 5 to 60 gallons.

The new PLS-50 Elite nano skimmer features a revamped adjustment system.  Users still twist the skimmer body left and right to adjust the internal water level (thus adjusting the wetness/dryness of the skimmate), and like the current generation PLS-50, settings are locked in place via a red lock knob.  However, the tension lock and swivel point are diverted to the bottom of the new nano skimmer, resulting in simpler, smoother, and more precise control (functioning more like CAD Lights’ full-size pipeless skimmers).

Furthermore, the PLS-50 Elite has a larger diameter bubble chamber and plate as well as a 25% larger collection neck and cup.  These features extend skimming capacity for the new nano skimmer, which uses the same TIA pin-wheel pump (rated at 190GPH with an air draw of 187LPH).

CAD Lights states the new PLS-50 Elite will virtually eliminate all micro-bubble discharge and is also more accommodating of a wider range of external water levels (4-7.5″).  Noise levels should be comparable to the previous PLS-50 meaning its nearly inaudible from our experience with these skimmers. To top it all off, all the new features are further refined into a slightly smaller dimension (3.25×3.25×14.24″).



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