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by | Feb 15, 2021 | Reef | 9 comments

Hearts are heavy in the reefing world tonight, as we mourn the death of one of our smartest, kindest, most creative and generous members: Caitlin Lee. She was an editor and contributor at for many years, and  she was loved by all who knew her. She was my friend, she was wonderful, and I will miss her deeply.

Here are a few of her articles for reefs:

Buried Treasure! 91 New Coral Species Uncovered In “Lost World” Of Great Barrier Reef

Where a Reef Nerd’s Mind Wanders – Jellyfish Clouds

New Methods To Properly Age An Octopus


Bonus: here she is with my foster squirrel, Squishy:

  • xeniaforever

    As senior editor here at reefs, I get to work with scientists from all over the world, and have made some wonderful friends in the industry! I also write for the site, and am the office manager at FRESH New London and the mother of two brilliant, talented young women.


  1. jmanrow503

    Our hearts are saddened on hearing the news of Caitlin’s passing. She was a friend to many of us, whether we knew her personally, or in the forums. Condolences go out to her family and friends. We will always miss you.

    • Taylor Wells

      Super sad, does anyone know what happened?

      • xeniaforever

        She died of natural causes

        • Kary

          Not at that age!

  2. Edwin

    I just heard…………RIP Caitlin. Would you be able to be specific what natural cause of death. She looks healthy from this Youtube few days ago? Just shocking to hear the sad news.

  3. meghan lee

    To all in the community,

    We are devastated and heartbroken by this sudden loss. Thank you so much for taking the time to post a tribute to my beautiful sister. As per Caitie’s wishes, she is going to be laid to rest as part of an eternal reef. If anyone is interested in sharing or contributing the link is included below. My family thanks you all for your friendship and support of Caitlin.

    Sincerely, Meghan Lee


  4. Lorraine deName

    Hi, I cannot seem to open the link..I don’t have Facebook. Can you send in another format or text it to me ? I also asked her mom to send it to me. I am so sad by this news. We spent a lot of time together last year. She touched my heart and raised my spirits everyday. She fought everyday. Her love for fish/aquarium life ( I don’t know the correct terminology- sorry) was unreal. I wish we had more time. Sending awkward hugs because hey, that’s what hugs are- awkward.

  5. Barry

    I am verry sorry to hear of Caitlin passing .
    . She was a.verry special person and will be missed. RIP Caitlin


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