Captive Grown Beauty

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The amazing beauty of this Montipora capricornis can not be denied.  It was grown from a tiny seed fragment into this small colony in approximately one year.  This species and genus of stoney coral is a rapidly growing animal and adds mass quite quickly provided optimal parameters are met.  One obvious advantage of growing a known lineage coral with good proven genetics can be realized in this instance by the unique bright green pigments and contrasting red polyps.  It is truly one in a thousand to find a coral similar to this in the wild.   Many of the same species will not contain the bright pigments or contrasting colors, or exhibit such hardiness.   The details in a coral such as this will not be seen by all,  but much like Sherlock Holmes, I see detail.  “It is my gift and also my curse ”  The dedication to grow captive corals will not be understood by all but I feel the need to touch the ones who will understand and take the time.  The saving of our wild reefs lie to some degree in the mind set of the hobby.   New words such as sustainability and captive grown are now becoming the norm and give me pride to be involved in a small part of these efforts.


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