Caribbean Reef Octopus Living in Discarded Trash

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Fish, Reef, Science | 0 comments

Good morning friends, I have a very small Caribbean Reef Octopus peering out of the end of a metal pipe for you today that I found during the day out in the middle of the sand. As many of you already know octopus have this amazing ability to squeeze themselves into the smallest of spaces, that’s why I tell all my divers to check every piece of trash they find. Many times in the sub we have seen octopus hiding inside discarded bottles using them as their home, talk about a tight fit?? I found this one above in the mouth of an old metal plumbing pipe just hanging out watching reef creatures swim by without a care in the world. The opening of the pipe is about 3-inches giving you a pretty good idea of his or her size MORE


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