Celebration of Blennies!

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Fish, Photography | 0 comments

photo copyright: Richard Aspinall

I just found the cutest facebook group ever: Blenny. It’s purely people posting pictures of blennies that they’ve seen; no drama, no selling, just blennies! Check it out, and maybe join and upload a few pictures yourself. I’ll be sure to be checking back often, as cute animals are giving me hope in these ridiculous times!

From the page owner:

This FB page (group) has been created to share with you my passion for my favorite underwater subject: Blenny! This small fish is very photogenic. I have many pictures of different Blennies and would like to share them with you. The members of this group can help each other with tips and hints concerning shooting techniques and camera settings used. You are welcome to upload your photos or videos of blennies on this page. But please, ONLY Blennies and nothing more!
Kindly indicate the following:
3-Camera and Lenses


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