Check out these ADORABLE Crochet Animals!

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Are you ready to crochet an emotional support manatee or maybe a Valentines octopus? Jessica Bogach, the owner of Octopus Army Crochet, has got you covered! She sells the most adorable crochet patterns on her etsy shop, Her prices are low and she says that customers are allowed to resell any items that they make with her patterns, but please don’t resell her patterns, or make changes to the patterns and resell them. Check them out, and then head over to her shop!

From Jessica: “…my grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 7. I didn’t start writing patterns until 2020 when I made the giant octopus for a good friend with sensory issues who was quarantining alone. I posted a picture and a bunch of people asked for the pattern so I wrote it down and the rest is history!”

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