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Svaha USA is a one stop shop for all geeky STEAM themed apparel and accessories! Anything from science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. And most of their clothing has POCKETS!

Svaha’s Mission

Why do major retailers provide less options in the children’s apparel aisle than they did in the 1950’s? Why can’t you find girl’s clothing with astronauts or math equations? Why don’t boy’s clothes have cats or butterflies on them? Why aren’t there any feminine women’s clothes that feature science or technology themes?

At Svaha, we want to change that! We are starting a revolution aimed at shattering gender stereotypes!

We have created a unique line of apparel to deliver this mission! We want to show everyone that these crazy gender stereotypes are completely outdated. We want to teach kids that it’s okay to like anything they want. We want to prove that STEAM concepts are amazingly cool and completely accessible to everyone! We want to unapologetically celebrate femininity and the awesomeness of women in STEAM! Our brand and product line confront gender stereotypes and empower people to embrace their passions. Our apparel features bright, bold designs with STEAM-themes, sports-themes, and non-traditional colors. Plus, our products are made from super-soft cotton that feels as good as it looks!

To shop for these clothes and more, visit Svaha, HERE

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  1. Josh Saul

    These are so cute!


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