Breaking news, reefing world – Aquabox and Cherry Corals have just gone live with their collaboration, Cherry Fish! Drawing upon 14 years of experience designing, building, and stocking reef aquariums, Austin Lefevre has perfected his methods of acclimating reef fish for captive care. He and his team at Cherry Fish are now offering these healthy, beautiful animals to the public. The fish are quarantined for a minimum of four weeks before being sold, a huge shift forward compared to the industry standard of a one-week maximum holding period, which gives the team enough time to discover and treat nearly every ailment that the animals are carrying. Every fish is treated for ich, velvet, Monogenean flatworms (flukes), Turbellarian infections, Brooklynella, Uronema, and bacterial infections; any other diseases or ailments are treated as needed.

Another brilliant step forward is that Cherry Fish posts not just pictures, but videos of the fish for sale, which means that the buyer can actually see the animals in motion and observe them eating. Every one comes with a live-delivery guarantee, and new owners can register for an additional 7-day live guarantee by emailing the company with proof that they are properly acclimating and caring for the fish in question.

This new venture is exactly what our aquarium industry needs to not only survive, but thrive: meticulously cared for and acclimated fish for the home aquarium, and personal, individualized service from top scientists.

In addition, Austin himself welcomes any questions or feedback, and can be reached at

featured image credit: wikimedia commons

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