Clown Wrasse

by | Jul 24, 2016 | Contest, Corals, Reef, Science | 0 comments

BAR-Good morning friends, most of you know how much time I spend underwater with my camera; most days I have to battle crazy currents, fight surge from the passing waves and try not to get stung by jellyfish or bitten by numerous sea creatures, not to mention the always glooming threat of my camera flooding!! So with all that going on I still have to deal with this character on every single dive; meet Mr. Clown Wrasse, the most aggressive or just plain annoying little reef fish you will ever meet!

I did four dives last week and from start to finish the beautiful Clown Wrasse followed me everywhere and annoyed me non-stop! He likes to swim straight up to my mask and park there, staring straight into my eyes, he’s either the most brave fish on the reef or he can see his reflection?? He also will nibble on my ears, mask straps, fingers, and any open cut I have and let me tell you, it hurts. I usually have a hard time concentrating when he is around, I know he’s going to bite something and knowing that makes me cringe! On my last dive, I tried to out-swim him and lose him, but no matter where I went he or one of his faithful relatives was there to make sure I was well attended, it’s like trying to swat a mosquito! I finally turned the tables on him and chased him for a change, but I think he loved the attention and posed beautifully for all the photos, what a little clown!  MORE


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