Come into your shell with shell-dwelling cichlids 

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Come into your shell with shell-dwelling cichlids

Shell-dwellers paradise. Just add fish.

Garrett plans to stock his aquarium with Lamprologus ornatipinnis “Kigoma”, a small African cichlid endemic to alkaline waters of Lake Tanganyika.  Lamprologus spp. are one of several cichilds known as “shell dwellers” because these fish spawn in empty shells.  After selecting a suitable shell, Lamprologus will “use propeller-like motions of the tail to bury the shells that they reside in.” (Wiki)

Fascinating dwelling for a fascinating little fish makes for a fascinating biotope exhibit.  By using some rocks in your backyard, a few pounds of sand, and a bag of shells, you can create a exhibit so simple yet so beautiful.

Here is a photo of a trio of captive-bred F1 Lamprologus ornatipinnis “Kigoma” photographed by Ray Quennelle At Lake Tanganyika, L.ornatipinnis naturally occurs in single, pairs, or trios.



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