Conservation Spotlight: SEE Turtles

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SEE Turtles connects people with sea turtles in meaningful, personal and, memorable ways. They help the sea turtle community connect, grow, and thrive by supporting community-based conservation efforts.

Their programs provide funding, resources, and tools to protect endangered sea turtle species in the Global South.

  • Billion Baby Turtles provides support for important turtle nesting beaches around the world.

  • Too Rare To Wear is a campaign working to end the demand for turtleshell products.

  • Conservation trips provide volunteer and financial support for conservation efforts.

  • Their educational programs help schools, travelers, and the public learn about these incredible animals and how to protect them through presentations, podcasts, webinars, our blog, and other ways.

  • The Sea Turtles & Plastic campaign helps coastal communities get plastic waste out of sea turtle habitats around the world.

  • They promote equity in the sea turtle community through their Sea Turtle Inclusivity Fund

  • They also coordinate the annual Sea Turtle Week each June to raise awareness about these species and the threats they face in partnership with more than 150 organizations around the world.

SEE Turtles was launched in 2008 as the world’s first effort to protect these species through ecotourism by conservationists Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and Brad Nahill. Originally begun as an Ocean Conservancy project, SEE Turtles was later fiscally-sponsored by the Ocean Foundation and most recently Oceanic Society. In 2016, SEE Turtles became an independent 501c3 non-profit based in Portland, Oregon. In recognition of their work to protect sea turtles around the world, the organization was awarded the prestigious Changemakers Award from the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Skal Sustainable Travel Award, and were most recently a finalist for the Go Blue Awards from Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

All donations are tax deductible.

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