Contest Time! Take a Look Behind the Scenes at Orphek’s Production Facility

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Science | 12 comments

Win one of 30 free Orphek Azurelite flashlights – Stay with me and I’ll tell you how! So a few weeks ago I was slipped a bit of information from an insider over at Orphek about a new light, complete with exclusive images straight from their production team. Well, the monstrous Dual Core LED studded Atlantik Pendant 300 made its debut about a week later at Reefstock in Denver. Intrigued by this little sneak peek I was allowed, I wanted to know more about their production facility and how they actually manufacture Atlantiks.

I hoped for maybe a description or a few pictures, so imagine my surprise when they sent me the video featured above

Of course my immediate response was, “pretty please, can I share?”. There has been a good deal of speculation over Orphek’s spectrum and LEDs, but the video, set to some pretty rockin’ music, shows their (immaculate) facility producing the diodes themselves in order to create what they say is the best spectrum for corals available. I highly recommend you take a few minutes to watch as each element of this light is sandwiched together.

Now, how to snag one of those Azurelites! I managed to secure 30 of these sweet, high performance blue LED flashlights from Orphek and we’re giving them away. WOOHOO, FREEBIES! Here are the rules (don’t worry, I’ll take it easy on you).

  • Open to US residents
  • All you need to do is like, comment on and share the post of this article from the Facebook page after watching the video. Comment should be about why the Azurelite is one of the coolest tools for reef keeping!
  • The contest will run thru Sunday night, March 22, 2015 at midnight Pacific Time, shortly after which we’ll select and announce the lucky winners!

Good luck to all!


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  1. Hemi

    I so want one!

  2. bigk

    Totally awesome for critter spotting in The dark

  3. Chris Hinsley

    Well since I”m now confused, I’m gonna post here as well. Why must you be so confusing,!?

  4. Jessica Stam

    I would absolutely LOVE one of these :)!!!

  5. Jason Parent

    These things are awesome for night time viewing of corals!

  6. Lori Johnson


  7. Amanda Norton Kehoe


  8. pointing out the obvious


  9. Harold Lynnwood Mccampbell Jr.

    shared, i got 3 atantik v2 b1’s love em

  10. B James Mayer


  11. Dan S



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