Check out this beautiful time lapse video from myLapse; it celebrates the diversity in color, shape, and movement of  corals such as Acantophyllia, Trachiphyllia, Heteropsammia, Physogyra, Fungia, Zoanthus, Duncanopsammia, Goniopora, Plerogyra and Scolimia, as well as a clam and a couple of tube worms.

The original footage consisted of over 25,000 photos and more than 600 GB of files, and took over a year to collect. Director and photographer NNtonio Rod shares his inspiration for the short film:

CORAL COLORS arises from the need to create a time lapse video, the technique I master with a new or rarely seen subject. There are hundreds of videos of clouds, cities, auroras and milky way with excellent quality, each with a personal touch, but I often convey a sense of “déjà vu”.

After searching for inspiration on the Internet, I found a couple of videos of corals, that caught me from the outset and had the features I was looking for. They used the technique of time lapse but were new and unique…


Luckily enough I was editing the clips in the days after recording and could then discard those I did not like. During the postproduction process, I tried to be as faithful as possible to the colors I had seen. But still, I gave a touch of color saturation when I felt it was needed since I wanted the result to be more aesthetic than scientific.”

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