Sarcophyton. A green polyp toadstool in my tank.

Typically, when we think of corals, we think of brightly colored organisms.  Certainly corals are prized for the colors that they bring to our reef tanks.  In fact, it is the search for eye popping color that has led so many to change to LED lights, and it is the need to impress other hobbyists that has led to the widespread use of photoshop to enhance coral colors in online photos.

Colors are wonderful, but I think shape variety is a lost art in reefkeeping.  I appreciate not only the wonderful colors in various corals but the texture that a variety of shapes brings to a reef tank.  To that end, I try to take at least some of my tank photographs in black and white – just to show people that color is not the only thing that makes a coral beautiful.

Coco Worm

Coco Worm. Okay, not a coral but the idea is the same.

Duncans in my aquarium.

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