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Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific, is trying to start a new tourism trend: Coral gardening. Last week,in Worasiviu Village on Pele Island, Climate Change Coral Gardening Day was held. Divers put a specially built coral bed into the water. Corals were then ‘planted’ to the bed. Coral Aquaculture, or coral gardening, is where coral pieces are attached to an area, often times man made, in hope that the corals will develop and naturally flourish after many years creating a new environment. A similar model has been pioneered by the Coral Restoration Foundation in the Florida Keys. It gives tourists the opportunity to explore the reefs, and also feel like they are leaving a piece of themselves, while at the same time attempting to cultivate healthy reef growth. An exciting eco-tourism opportunity that promotes both conservation and aquaculture.  MORE


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