Coral reef dredging begins at Majuro airport

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Dean Jacobson is following the coral reef destruction as Pacific International, Inc. dredges the areas for the airport expansion project and he had this to say about the happenings this morning on one of the listservs:

“Dredging is on-going at the reservoir reef on Majuro, and an enormous sediment plume is stretching into the lagoon, unconstrained by the missing sediment curtain (the only curtain is near-shore, just a meter deep, at one end of the mining zone).” Dean also notes that he “just learned that Maria Cantwell from my home state of Washington, Chair of the Aviation committee, with oversight over FAA, is looking into the Majuro coral mining [incident].”

Please sign the petition if you oppose what the FAA is funding through its actions at Majuro, Marshall Islands. It’s currently at 648 signatures out of the 1,000 goal. Let’s see if we can push it over the top.

Take a look at what is affected with this destructive mining practice. It is not pretty:

2 Sept swim over dredge pits, mined by PII, at the Majuro atoll reservoir (near the airport), funded by US FAA. This reef had 100% coral cover just a week earlier, and the coral rescue plan that was due to be part of the mitigation plan is obviously not happening!


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