Coral War Photos

“BeakerBob’s” Acanthastrea echinata blasting neighboring yellow polyps.

Micro Warfare!

To view more photos of “coral wars” or to post a photo of your own, visit our friends at  Here is a sample of the some really nice corals doing not so nice things to their neighbors.


Real Estate war!  Acropora vs Monitpora in “icycoral’s” reef aquarium.



A Watermelon Chalice fires a long range stinger missile.  Photo by “barbianj.”



This Acanthastrea lordhwensis is not a hospitable neighbor. Photo by “barbianj.”



Ouch!  Fallen Goniastrea is mercilessly attacked by a Scoylmia in “Chameleon’s” tank.



Mesentery filaments galore!  Photo by “skinz78.”

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